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We are a dedicated workshop focused on building ships' models of various scales. We are based in London, UK.  Our long time experience and expertise on the specific domain guarantees the best quality in the market.

Having a professionally made model of one or more of your ships, suitably mounted in the entrance to your office or in your executive meeting area, will enhance your Company’s status; it may demonstrate your business’ corporate commitment over a long period of experience if an older ship is modeled or the adoption of the most recent technological features for a newer ship.

The presence of a suitable ship model might be the best way for your staff to more readily demonstrate your ships’ modern features such as its underwater propulsion and fuel economy systems, measures to enhance ecological care or economical and fast cargo handling.

Mr. Kourouklis is experienced in modeling all types, classes and sizes of ships and boats including sailing and powered craft from all ages as far back as the dawn of seafaring. He also models other objects such as air craft, motor cars and even individuals. In addition, he has participated in many modeling shows in Greece with many  awards in his energetic role.

Specimens of recently made models for local buyers are photographed overleaf.

Scales: 1/350, 1/200, 1/144, 1/96, 1/72, 1/48, 1/35, 1/32
Lengths: From 22cm to 400cm
Materials: Fiber, Wood, Acrylic Resin, Plastic, Metal