customer testimonials

I am a member of IPMS Greece from 1997- today where I participated in many modeling shows  with many awards, from IPMS of  Greece and as well as from other organizations, too :
-HONOR in  1997 WITH dioramas TO 35mm "Asterix and Obelix" and theme ' A monotonous Day ' (IMPS 1997).
-C PRIZE in 2000 with vignette in 1/72 with theme ' OUPS ! WRONG SPEED ! '(IMPS of  North suburbs 2000) .
• Golden Cup in 2000 with dioramas TO 35mm Asterix and Obelix and theme ' Cheers ' ( Scout of  Peuki 2000) .
• Certificate Degree in 2001with 4 different models (IMPS 2001).
• Certificate Degree in 2001 with 2 different models (Scout of Peuki 2001).
-FIRST PRIZE in  2004 with scratchbuilding of Wooden Ships with the model 'Salamina' (IPMS 2004).
-BRONZE MEDAL in 2006 with a bust of Ancient Athenian hoplite (IPMS 2006).
-HONOR in  2007 with horseback figure of JOHN WAYNE at 54mm (IPMS 2007).
-HONOR in 2007 WITH dioramas of 35mm Asterix and Obelix and Subject 'Cheers' (IPMS 2007).
-SILVER MEDAL in 2009 by conversion of wooden sailing-ship,, on 'BRIKI 1821 SPETSAI' (IPMS 2009).
• Certificate Degree in 2012 by conversion of  wooden sailing-ship, on 'BRIKI 1821 SPETSAI' (Scout of  Peuki).
-SILVER MEDAL and BEST GREEK MARINE MODEL with wooden sailing-ship "PARONAS 1821" that had the signs of  Bouboulina Laskarina (IPMS 2012).